The Resumé-less Recruiting Solution

Hussle takes the headache out of a traditional hiring process. Helping your company fill positions faster and more effectively. 

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Resume-less Recruiting in 4 easy steps.

Less time spend reviewing every application. More time focused on the right candidates for your team.

  • 1

    Data Collection

    Working with your dedicated Hussle Guide we collect as much data as possible about company & it's hiring process.

    Little or a lot, we work with what you have.

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  • 2

    Hussle Magic

    Your Hussle Guide processes the data collected in stage 1 with the help of our AI tools to create a comprehensive Resume-less application for the open position in your company. 

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  • 3

    Applicant Sourcing

    Focus on your high value work while we spend a few days sourcing applicants for you. Automated job distrubtion takes care of getting the word out about the new job opportunity at your company.

    Async Interview by Hussle
  • 4

    Simple Selection

    From your Hussle dashboard you'll see all the applicants. Now you can do a quick skill comparison, review Async Interview answers, quickly short-list your top applicants for next stages of your recruitment process.

    Trial-Hire by Hussle

Some of our thoughts and opinions.

Time to Say bye bye to the Resume.

The most outdated element in the entire hiring process. Read on about why its time to kill the resume.
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Hiring Faster = Hiring Better

Speeding up your hiring process means that you won't miss out on the best talent.
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Answering your Questions.

The Resume-less Recruiting Solution is a powerful tool for managers & recruiters. So you never have to review another resume again.

Tired of reading stacks of resumes?

Get in touch with a Hussle Hiring Guide today! We're biased, but we think this is the best way to hire.