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  • Hussle Pro Placement

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      Dedicated Hussle Guide
      An experienced guide focused on getting you the best people for your job.
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      Customized Job Application
      With your Hussle Guide, create a tailored job application for your job opportunity. Ensure we capture the information you need to make an informed decision.
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      Broadly Distributed Jobs
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      Deep Dive Questions
      With the ability to ask questions that require a recorded audio response, you can dive deeper into specific topics or aspects of the applicant's knowledge and experience.
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      Rapid Applicant Processing
      With automated multi-stage application, you can quickly guide eligible applicants through the hiring process
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      2-Click Interview Scheduling
      Start interviewing the best people while the competition is still reviewing resumes. Use Hussle's 2-Click Interview scheduling to get started. For remote or in-person interviews.
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      Control & Transparency
      You're in control. Want to change something in the middle of the campaign? No problem, contact your Hussle Guide for any changes you want to make along the way.
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      Interview Insurance
      A Money-back guarantee to find eligible candidates.* See below for more details
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      Hire Insurance*
      Feel confident about your hiring decision. With Hussle's Hire Insurance. Conditions apply. Speak with a Hussle Representative today to learn more.