Hiring made easier.

AI-powered applicant search, detailed resume screening, automated workflows and more - plus an average savings of 40 hours per hire.

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  • Automate Busy work

    Eliminate errors, and close candidates faster. 

  • Increase Savings

    Simplify your hiring process. Time is money, save both with Hussle.

  • Make better decisions

    By managing your recruitment all in one place.

Get started in 3 Steps

  • Step 1 - Outline your hiring needs
    Meet with a Hiring Specialist to discuss your hiring needs and company culture.
  • Step 2 - Put the system to work
    The Hussle system finds and selects candidates for you to interview. With insights you can't find in a resume.
  • Step 3 - Hire the best people
    Schedule and conduct interviews with top candidates, making confident hiring decisions quickly.

Hiring made easy for Business Leaders & HR Professionals

Since 2020, Hussle has been helping companies hire faster than they ever thought possible.

  • Let Hussle handle your hiring process

    Focus on your business and nurturing your team while the Hussle system does the heavy lifting of recruiting.

  • Save countless hours with Hussle

    Streamline your hiring process effortlessly. Hire with Hussle.

  • Meet your hiring demands with ease

    Hussle is your efficient recruitment solution. Recruitment that runs smoothly.

Stop using tools from the 1930's

The Resume (Resume 1.0 that is), as much as they are the industry standard today, have no real standard at all. They can be time-consuming to read, review, and interpret, leaving you with more questions than answers. They waste your time and that of your team.

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Speed is your friend when hiring.

Why? Short Answer - Time is Money.

  • Gain the Operational Advantage

    • Secure the right talent
    • Increase employee satisfaction and reduce burnout
  • Conserve Resources

    • No more temporary solutions
    • Minimize cost per hire
  • Focus on Opportunity

    • Grow - unconstrained by the ability to hire
    • Improve employer brand

Faster Hiring = Better Hires

With Hussle you and your team will hire faster with less stress.

  • Over 40 days

    Traditional hiring processes take more than 40 days and cost your team and your company time, money, and resources.

  • Only 10 days

    The best candidates are off the market within 10 days.

  • 100% of the time

    Moving quickly increases your odds of securing top talent.

The Guided Hiring System

  • Resume 2.0

    Resume 2.0 Job Applications

    Applications tailored to your job opportunities, ensuring you gather the necessary information for informed decisions. 

  • Detailed Audio Questions

    Get answers to your questions that require a more nuanced response to dig deeper into a Candidate 

  • Rapid Applicant Processing

    Automate multi-stage application, you can quickly guide eligible applicants through the hiring process 

  • Easy Applicant Tracking

    Easy to follow phases built into each campaign, you can track applicants through all stages of the process. 

  • Easy Interview Scheduling

    Easy to use Interview Scheduling allows you to sprint passed the competition. Schedule Interviews while they're busy reviewing resumes 

  • Integrated Video Interviews

     Using Hussle's Interview System there is no need to sign-up or sign-in to another platform to conduct your a remote video interview 

  • Broad Job Distribution

    Distribute your job advertisement to major job boards and niche job boards to find the best candidates. 

  • Branded Career Page

    It's about you and your business, not us. We want to make sure all applicants see the company's brand first when deciding where to apply. 

Supercharge your hiring don't outsource it.

The Hussle system is designed to complement your recruitment process, not take over it.

The Hussle Guided Hiring System takes the time-consuming tasks off your hands — searching, screening and presenting the best candidates. You retain full control over the final interview and decision-making process.

This saves you valuable time and ensures that you only meet with the candidates who are the best fit for your company.

Think of Hussle as your team behind the scenes, improving your hiring process without taking control of these important decisions away from you.

Our thoughts on why Hiring Faster is the key.

Hiring Faster = Hiring Better

Speeding up your hiring process means that you won't miss out on the best talent.
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